Turn your shop into Auction site!

Place Bid

One-click to place the bid. customer can add the best price and submit his bid. and get acces on his previous history 

Winner Declaration

Wait until auction is done, once the auction is done shop owner will declare the winner. 

Place order

One-click to complete the order, once the winner declaration is done customer will be able to see the check out button and can complete the order   

Very easy-to-use app and integrates well with 2.0 themes using the app embedding. Had trouble with the widget showing up right away but support was quick to help and got everything soothed over.

The one feature I would really like to see would be one to enable proxy bidding, as that’s becoming a standard on all online auction tools.

It’s very easy to navigate to what you want to do, as well as good explanations of what each setting does. Another setting I would like to see would be to be able to hide the quantity button on the product pages. There is currently the option to hide the payment, add to cart, and price. Being able to hide the quantity would clean the page up more.

Overall it has been a great, user-friendly app.

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